Collection of my Open Source projects


  • EmailAttribute

    ActiveModel attribute serialization using the mail gem.

  • PhonyAttribute

    ActiveModel attribute serialization using phony. Also wraps the phony with a model.

  • CacheDebugging

    cache_debugging aims to detangle cache_digests's template dependencies. It currently contains 2 different hooks to check for cache integrity.

  • Rack Metadata

    Inject meta tags into your head

  • Rack Avvo Ingite

    This Rack middleware will easily integrate your Rack-based app with Avvo Ignite's website tracking feature.

  • OmniAuth Avvo strategy for OmniAuth

  • JQuery Expose

    Create a modal backdrop over everything except specified exposed elements

  • Docusigner

    This gem is meant to be a simple ActiveResource based interface to DocuSign's REST api. Where applicable, objects know about their association relationships.

  • ActsAsExpirable

    acts_as_expirable is an ActiveRecord mixin that enables simple handling of expiring records. It gives you expired and unexpired scopes as well as global handling of all expirable classes.